Add-Ons to Last Post

So I re-read my last post and realized I was still very sick and had taken quite a bit of medicine while writing that so I apologize if half of it doesn’t make sense. I would like to add one more resolution to my short list. One that I realized I really need to make as I was having dinner with a friend a couple nights ago. It suddenly dawned on me that I’ve been pushing most of my friends away with the same excuses such as “I have an odd work schedule/days” or “I’m busy studying” or “I have too much to do with the CCS program to have time for anything else.” Well now that I’m done with the program and able to use Time-Off-with-Pay, I feel now I should try to reconnect with many of my friends. At the very least, if friendships have fallen apart, I won’t be as hard on myself for not trying.

Resolution #2: Reach out to visit and see my friends more this year


Still recovering from my cold. It seems to have hit many of my co-workers but I suppose I got lucky since I didn’t get a fever or lose my voice. Remarkably, running has actually helped push my sickness and congestion away, at least while I’m running. I am getting a little nervous for the Surf City Half Marathon that is quickly approaching but we’ll be doing a practice run this Sunday at the Santa Monica Winter Blast 15K. I hope all goes well! ^^;;

Oh Kari is now on Instagram. You can follow her at “kari_shibaroo” for all of Kari’s cute pictures and shenanigans I’ll be capturing on my phone. Here’s one!



Black Friday 2013

I know my last post said I wasn’t going to spend money on black friday but… I did. Let me be clear that I didn’t buy outrageous electronics where I had line up for hours, survive a stampeding horde and proceed to savagely push and shove to get the items I desired. Nope not this year. Woke up at 6am on Friday and then headed down to petsmart to get some dogfood. Living the extreme shopper life haha

Got Kari a new flavor dog food along with some free goodies and stockings. Headed over to Target to discover it was still intact and that the aisles in the store were very clean and organized. To my delight, they still had everything on their ads in stock despite being open for over 12 hours. I happily picked up some pyrex and other things that were on my list. All in all, I got everything on my list and then some for Christmas presents. Compared to last year, this year was much easier and stress free! Pictured below are: Pyrex 17 piece set ($18), Nexus 7 ($165), Petsmart stockings (free!), 32gb Sandisk SD card and microSD card ($19 each), Monopoly board game (Jess has never played and only $5), Costco cookbook (free!) and Imagine Dragons cd ($7). Not pictured are the stuff we bought on Amazon and Ikea… >.<


Oh boy oh boy oh boy! We picked up a Nexus 7 from Office Depot! Since Dr. Pang gave me a $100 gift card to Office Depot, I figured I waited long enough to get one. At the store, I asked Office Depot to price match to Microcenter for the Nexus 7 32gb second generation model. Price dropped from $250 to $230. The associate then proceeded for the next 15 minutes trying to scan some Mcafee subscription that supposedly came with the tablet, normally $79.99, but with the tablet for free. Not sure what happened next but the price came to the total of $165. After the gift card, I just had to pay $65! Win but confusing.

After analyzing the reciept back at home and talking to my girlfriend, we found out that the $79.99 was deducted from the total price of the tablet. Pretty much a $80 coupon. Knowing what was the right thing to do, I returned to Office Depot and talked to the Asst Manager about it. She looked a little shocked and stated that this was the first time a customer returned back saying that they were charged less than they were suppose to. I remember back at UCI Parking, if we balanced out incorrectly twice, that was it. We were fired. I didn’t want that to happen to the associate who was having problems with the system to get fired for that. The Asst Manager thanked me again and said that she would take the hit for the associate and that I didn’t need to worry about anything. A surprise present from Office Depot. ^__^ Good deed done and a new tablet to boot!

Here’s a picture of Kar with the Nexus 7’s camera


Almost done!

Just took my last final for the Cyto CLS school. Feels so odd that we’re almost done and will never meet again in a lecture room at work. Only one more group meeting now before we all part ways to different schedule changes and sections. I’m feeling pretty relieved now that the finals over but starting to focus on the State exam now.

This has been literally the most I have ever studied for a subject, including all four years of college. Kari is showing her support of me studying by not bugging me to play with her as much. She just plays around under the coffee table now. I tried to get a picture of her but the quality is bad.


❤ She makes me smile everyday. I’ll play with you lots and lots after my test~

Kari Update

It’s been awhile since Kari has made an appearance. All of these photos are from my phone so quality may not be the best. =[

On our way to Grandparents!


Slowly but surely secured her throne on Jess’s computer chair


Shiba ball!


On the bed for the first time after a shower


Promptly fell asleep at my feet while I tried to study




Playing dead while sleeping in her crate. Silly Shiba








Like Mother, Like Daughter


Kari is happy to be waken up from her nap. Can’t you tell?






She is the light to our lives ❤


Good Night~


Whoops is right… I seem to have completely forgotten to update in August which in turn, there goes my resolution to keep this blog alive at least once a week. Well, at least I have my phone’s camera to try to help me figure out what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks.

ImageBiggest cup of Peach Green Tea with Boba I have ever had. I think it came close to 40 oz. Got to catch up with an old friend, share a few laughs and reminisce about the good old days as well as look forward to the next chapters of our lives. I wish I could help her out more as she finds way through life and school. =[ I’ll make a good personal reference if needed.

Image                            I found a deal for an archery range out in Garden Groove called umm Field Time Sports and Guns. Pretty nice package for two people. Surprised Jess with it as a small monthiversary gift. She was really excited to try after overcoming her shock and suspicion that we were going to a shooting range involving real guns. I decided to shoot with a recurve bow since I had shot before in high school with a longbow. Since this was Jess’s first time, the instructor offered her a composite bow which is really nifty and looked fun to use.

It was fun enough that after the one hour class, we went home and bought a couple more to go shoot. Next time will be Sept 6 with Judy and her daughter. I think this time I’ll try the composite bow. My middle finger still hurts even now after putting most of the tension on it while trying to aim. Here’s a shot of Jess and her bow.



Oh yea, here’s another reason why I wasn’t able to update for August. I spent about a full week, including weekend, trying to fix Jess’s dad’s computer that I built for him. In the end, I’m still not sure what went wrong but something was bad enough where I couldn’t even reformat let alone boot any of his hard drives and both his RAM sticks were unusable. Had to purchase new ones along with another fan as his request since he said it felt hot while playing games. Anyways, the new sticks work, able to reformat and fix his hard drives as well as arrange his cables (shown below) to a more neatly configuration.

ImageEven though it’s a Corsair case, I really didn’t like how little space and tie downs I had to try to arrange the cables. I’ve been looking at computer cases for awhile and I still have my eye on Cooler Master Storm Stryker which is a full tower in white.

Image                          Six Flags with Jess, Krista, Dipika and Akemi. Got to ride on ten coasters that day including two that I’ve never ridden on before, Superman and Green Lantern. Fun but hot day!


Image It’s that time again for the Step Challenge at my company. I had to get a new pedometer since I had a coupon for Amazon and I don’t like the cheap pendulum pedometers I get from work. After a failed random team selection, we decided to have two captains draft from a pool of players. Pretty much my team vs. Stephen G team. Competition officially starts today. Time to start training for my half marathon and race towards victory (pun intended)!


ImageIt’s not a post without a picture of Kari right? She’s gotten so big and so cute!

Pizza and Shiba Inu??

Forgot to post this back a couple weeks ago. After hearing many raving reviews of a design-your-pizza restaurant called Pieology, Jess and I finally gave in and dropped by to try it out.

Located at Irvine Spectrum, we found the place neatly tucked between a few other small restaurants. Interior was small but of modern design. Right when we walked in, the smell of cheese as well as pizzas being baked hit me. After a short wait, we walked up to the front where you started with choosing a base or sauce, different kinds of cheeses, assorted meats, varieties of vegetable and fruit toppings and to top it off, a choice of sauce to douse your creation with before it heads to the fiery inferno oven of theirs.

I got the regular crust, with tomato sauce, ham, pepperoni, sausage, meatballs, chicken and almost all the vegetables. No sauce. My creation was thus after heating for <10 minutes in the oven.


Texture felt like a thin crust. Flavor was spot on and with the hodgepodge of meat and vegetables, the assortment of texture and juices from the toppings melded very well with the two types of cheese I selected. Overall, a very satisfying create-your-pizza place for only $7.50. I found myself pretty full afterwards; then again, I had a quarter of Jess’s too! xD

I think this week will be my last week of going in to work early for CGH training. It comes with sighs of relief but also sighs of sadness. I’ll be glad to finally go back to my normal, consistent hours where I won’t be rushed in the morning and have time to pack my lunch, clean, do chores, run errands, take care of Kari, etc. I’ll be sad though because it’s been fun spending time with Jess in the evening like many normal people, going out to eat dinner at a normal time and just enjoying my nights at home with both Jess and Kari.

Speaking of Kari, I will miss seeing her run up to me even more excited than usual. Probably since I came home first versus when I’m on my normal shift, I’ll be home second. Some pictures of Kari I took when coming home early:


ImageSnuggling up next to my desk


ImageYes she actually jumped straight up to the picnic table to check out the view


ImageHer tail can do almost a full curl now!


Image                     A nice smile and a good sit. ^_^


ImageAll tuckered out after spending time with my parents last weekend for a BBQ


ImageKari knew we were taking pictures so she turned around for the camera. What a diva…

New Glasses. Finally.

Title says it all. After putting off going to the optometrist for at least four if not maybe five years, I recently found out that my medical benefits included eye exams. Taking advantage of the face that I had to go in to Kaiser today to do lab work for my doctor (CBC and what not) I decided to try to make a walk-in appointment at their optometry center.

Got it and had my first eye exam with someone who spoke more than 10 words of English. Literally. My last eye exams were either in Hong Kong or in places that spoke only Chinese. Anyways, I found my pair of glasses, while helpful to me, still didn’t help me see as well as I should. Got a new prescription and didn’t have to pay copay! Woot!

I didn’t plan this but I decided to try to check out buying a pair of glasses at Kaiser since, again, I was already there. Medical insurance didn’t cover cost of frames or lenses and my vision insurance doesn’t cover anything at Kaiser. Le sigh. Plus all the frames were $200+… I then vaguely remembered there was a Lenscrafter near our place so drove on over to see if they accepted my insurance.

Long story short. They did. Got new half frame glasses from some brand named Burberry. Meh. Price was alright considering how much my vision insurance kicked in. Retail price for just my glasses, frames and all would have been $560 but only paid $132. Since I was there, I did something off my unpublished wishlist which was to get a pair of Oakley sunglasses. My insurance covered 40% of it and the guy gave me a little discount too. Price I would have paid: $590. Price I paid: $356.

All in all, $488 done in one day. I can’t remember the last time I bought something for myself that topped triple digits which I can assume is a good thing unless my long term memory neurons have given out. Buying a car doesn’t count either since I’ll be making monthly payments. I guess the last thing would probably be my ps3 back 3 years ago? Anyways, hash tag YOLO right? Won’t get sunglasses till the beginning of July but here are my new glasses that are giving me a headache right now…


Too fancy of a case for me…






A Happy [Early] Birthday present to myself!


Other thing on my mind besides my exam, well two things. First off, Kari is now cone-less!! Pics to come but she’s enjoying her freedom from jumping up and down to dashing around as agile as ever. Second off, ANIME EXPO! That’s right, I’ll be going again this year. Haven’t gone for I think three years. However, last minute decision means last minute cosplay. I think it’ll be fun though. My cosplay this year? A couple cosplay with Jess of course =]