All I Want for Christmas… Is My License <3

<img src="; class="size-full" alt="All I Want for Christmas… Is My License

Finally uploaded today! Two weeks late but it is what it is. Finally a license CCS by the State of California!!


Another wishlist! This time, it’s for things I want to get, but not need, after I start getting my CCS paychecks that is.

  1. Tinted windows on Luna
  2. The two new Un-stealthy Ninja shirts on Woot that I don’t have
  3. Some form of fitness band that’s not too bulky but informative (Nike fuelband looks cool but I just don’t like the point format)
  4. XL Gaming mouse pad
  5. Anime Expo Pass and hopefully, a Comic Con Pass
  6. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 + 3 Iphones for the family
  7. Last and most importantly, parts to build my new desktop!

All in due time… =]

Black Friday 2013

I know my last post said I wasn’t going to spend money on black friday but… I did. Let me be clear that I didn’t buy outrageous electronics where I had line up for hours, survive a stampeding horde and proceed to savagely push and shove to get the items I desired. Nope not this year. Woke up at 6am on Friday and then headed down to petsmart to get some dogfood. Living the extreme shopper life haha

Got Kari a new flavor dog food along with some free goodies and stockings. Headed over to Target to discover it was still intact and that the aisles in the store were very clean and organized. To my delight, they still had everything on their ads in stock despite being open for over 12 hours. I happily picked up some pyrex and other things that were on my list. All in all, I got everything on my list and then some for Christmas presents. Compared to last year, this year was much easier and stress free! Pictured below are: Pyrex 17 piece set ($18), Nexus 7 ($165), Petsmart stockings (free!), 32gb Sandisk SD card and microSD card ($19 each), Monopoly board game (Jess has never played and only $5), Costco cookbook (free!) and Imagine Dragons cd ($7). Not pictured are the stuff we bought on Amazon and Ikea… >.<


Oh boy oh boy oh boy! We picked up a Nexus 7 from Office Depot! Since Dr. Pang gave me a $100 gift card to Office Depot, I figured I waited long enough to get one. At the store, I asked Office Depot to price match to Microcenter for the Nexus 7 32gb second generation model. Price dropped from $250 to $230. The associate then proceeded for the next 15 minutes trying to scan some Mcafee subscription that supposedly came with the tablet, normally $79.99, but with the tablet for free. Not sure what happened next but the price came to the total of $165. After the gift card, I just had to pay $65! Win but confusing.

After analyzing the reciept back at home and talking to my girlfriend, we found out that the $79.99 was deducted from the total price of the tablet. Pretty much a $80 coupon. Knowing what was the right thing to do, I returned to Office Depot and talked to the Asst Manager about it. She looked a little shocked and stated that this was the first time a customer returned back saying that they were charged less than they were suppose to. I remember back at UCI Parking, if we balanced out incorrectly twice, that was it. We were fired. I didn’t want that to happen to the associate who was having problems with the system to get fired for that. The Asst Manager thanked me again and said that she would take the hit for the associate and that I didn’t need to worry about anything. A surprise present from Office Depot. ^__^ Good deed done and a new tablet to boot!

Here’s a picture of Kar with the Nexus 7’s camera