Pizza and Shiba Inu??

Forgot to post this back a couple weeks ago. After hearing many raving reviews of a design-your-pizza restaurant called Pieology, Jess and I finally gave in and dropped by to try it out.

Located at Irvine Spectrum, we found the place neatly tucked between a few other small restaurants. Interior was small but of modern design. Right when we walked in, the smell of cheese as well as pizzas being baked hit me. After a short wait, we walked up to the front where you started with choosing a base or sauce, different kinds of cheeses, assorted meats, varieties of vegetable and fruit toppings and to top it off, a choice of sauce to douse your creation with before it heads to the fiery inferno oven of theirs.

I got the regular crust, with tomato sauce, ham, pepperoni, sausage, meatballs, chicken and almost all the vegetables. No sauce. My creation was thus after heating for <10 minutes in the oven.


Texture felt like a thin crust. Flavor was spot on and with the hodgepodge of meat and vegetables, the assortment of texture and juices from the toppings melded very well with the two types of cheese I selected. Overall, a very satisfying create-your-pizza place for only $7.50. I found myself pretty full afterwards; then again, I had a quarter of Jess’s too! xD

I think this week will be my last week of going in to work early for CGH training. It comes with sighs of relief but also sighs of sadness. I’ll be glad to finally go back to my normal, consistent hours where I won’t be rushed in the morning and have time to pack my lunch, clean, do chores, run errands, take care of Kari, etc. I’ll be sad though because it’s been fun spending time with Jess in the evening like many normal people, going out to eat dinner at a normal time and just enjoying my nights at home with both Jess and Kari.

Speaking of Kari, I will miss seeing her run up to me even more excited than usual. Probably since I came home first versus when I’m on my normal shift, I’ll be home second. Some pictures of Kari I took when coming home early:


ImageSnuggling up next to my desk


ImageYes she actually jumped straight up to the picnic table to check out the view


ImageHer tail can do almost a full curl now!


Image                     A nice smile and a good sit. ^_^


ImageAll tuckered out after spending time with my parents last weekend for a BBQ


ImageKari knew we were taking pictures so she turned around for the camera. What a diva…

In Continuation

Continuing from last post of Luna’s accident, I sealed it with a scratch liquid I had handy since Kari did make a few scratches on the inside door. It’s not as noticeable now but I really want to get the same color pen from the dealership to ink it in and then seal it.

I think I’m going to finally drop yahoo and completely move over to gmail. Reason being this is the second and third time my account has gotten hacked and sent spam mail to my contacts. When I found out from a few friends, I immediately changed my password and did a few other security precautions. All in vain since the hacker got through again and spammed a third time. After that, I deleted all my contacts and almost everything in the account. Now it’s time to start changing notifying all my subscriptions to my new email. That will probably be the chore for this weekend. Oh and studying too.

Speaking of studying, work has gotten a lot more… political. and stressful. Everyone seems to be out for themselves now and even more so with the program ending in a little over 3 months. Even my senior colleagues have urged me to take more time to familiarize myself with my chromosomes and microscope techniques since I’m always staying behind in the wet lab to try to finish the work load while the other students goof off or are out on scopes.

It’s rather annoying honestly, having people tell me to think for myself first. It goes against what I really found in college working in Dr. Rose’s lab and at parking. Work together as a well organize team. However, that seems to be biting the PM shift in the butt since we’re the ones that work the best and communicate with one another yet we’re the ones that are hardly getting time on the scope.

Finally at the urging of others and I’ve been meaning to as well, I confronted my lab manager and told him how uncomfortable I am with my chromosomes yet the lack of time along with the heavy volume in the wet lab was hindering me from learning. He understood how hard it is right now for us and pretty much ordered me to not go into the wet lab on Tuesdays but, instead, stay out on scopes. That’s a pretty generous proposal and I got a lot out of it this week but… as for the other students in my shift, they didn’t get any time since I wasn’t there helping. I urged them to talk to Adam and go around our supervisor since he hasn’t really helped us but, honestly, they seem irritated like I abandoned them and started to fend for myself.

I still feel like I stabbed them in the back and started to look out for me. I know I need to learn these techniques and knowledge but I still feel bad like I’m gaining this but at the sacrifice of others. I’ve expressed my concerns to my supervisor today and he says he’s working on a schedule to get everyone exposed to the microscope but still doesn’t make me feel any better.


End rant for now. Still feeling a little bummed but food therapy may help…

Bad Day T___T

Not the best of days so far. Not the best of weeks for 2013.

Started off the morning with a snag. Luna got scratched on the back bumper.


I’m not really too sure what happened. I know I checked behind me as I pulled back and it was clear. Next thing I knew, I saw a brown streak fly behind me and then the WHOMP. The sad sickening sound and small bump that I knew I got hit. Walked out and the other male also checked his car. My bumper sustained the above scratches and his back right side, right behind his rear passenger tire sustained scratches too. He didn’t seem too worried and instead, stated that he was ok with it and just walked away. I really couldn’t say much since I was still a little in shock but what’s done is done now.

I’ll have to find a way to get to the dealership and try to repaint it with a one of their retouching paints they sell in a pen form for about $20. Then probably have to reseal it at a place I know. I knew my good luck on my old Toyota wouldn’t carry over to Luna. Won’t be falling into the stereotype of once there’s a damage or dent, I won’t care anymore. This is still my car that I’m paying for and I expect it to be cleaned and taken care of.

It’s getting a little late (11pm). Have to go to work early so I’ll continue tomorrow

Belated Birthday Post

I’ve been really busy the last couple of weeks. Too busy to blog with my Cytogenetics test, prepping costumes for Anime Expo and attending Anime Expo. Well, I celebrated my 24th birthday by going to work. yayyy My friends at work decided to surprise me at work. First off, they wrote on the birthday whiteboard…


Also, since I got to come in early for training for Microarray, I got to take lunch at an odd time. There again, everyone surprised me with a small pot luck filled with lumpia, chips and dips, quiches, soda and of course, Akemi’s special cupcakes; this time made with peaches to my liking.




My friends at work are awesome! =] Got another surprise potluck on Saturday with the rest of the Blood Room which also coincided with Paul’s going away party. But the remaining of the day, Jess took me out to Shin sen Gumi for ramen ❤ Got a couple of refills yum yum! Other than that, it was a pretty fun and festive birthday.

Oh and Jess also got me a new air filter from my car, a K&N special filter. Installed it the day I got it in the mail. So far, I don’t see much of a difference but we’ll see.

A great birthday to start off a great year!