Costco ftw

Thumbs up to the CEO of Costco Jim Sinegal for proving that happy workers makes good business. He pays his employees very well along with good benefits, keeps prices low and quality of products durable and continues to blow out his competition out of the water. I like every time I visit Costco, I like to look at employee’s badges to see how long they’ve been working at Costco and most of them have been there for at least 5+ years and it’s not uncommon to see many 10+ year veteran workers. Here’s hoping that his successor in the future shares his same heart and character!

Black Friday 2012

It’s that time of year again! Black Friday Shopping! The one day of the year where I go shopping for myself and only myself. Well not this year actually. Parents hope to for me to find a good price LED TV, specifically the Target 50″ Samsung 1080p 60Hz LED TV for about $700.

Since Target opens at 9pm on Thanksgiving Day, I guess I’ll be lining up around noon. Sadly, no one wants to line up with me =[… The only thing at Target that I’m considering getting is the Xbox 360. But I do not need it yet there’s a part of me that wants to get it just to play Halo 3, Reach, ODST and 4. But like I said, I don’t need it plus there’s also a couple of ps3 games I still haven’t played. Yet Jess also wants to play with the Kinnect. Ahhhh still torn between getting it or not. Like my friend said, “Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself.”

Still learning chromosomes. It’s getting better since I’m starting to recognize most of them. Only problem is the C group… specifically the 8, 10, 11, 12 and X. Soon… one day soon… I’ll get them all down!

First Payment: check

Today I made my first payment towards Luna. Feeling pretty accomplished and good till I looked at my bank statement to see that hard earned money dropping. The goal is to try to finish her off in three years instead of the five years of time given to me. Challenge commence.

Oh, I’ve been addicted to Fairy Tail for the last week which has hindered me from studying chromosomes, reading my textbooks, playings on my ps3 or even HoN. Yea it was getting bad. 191 chapters with about 20-25 pages per chapter in one week. My right eye is throbbing. Time to rest up for a couple of days then back to heavy reading to catch up to the current chapters!

Day 5

First lectures today. Overview of Phlebotomy, Pre-specimen Variables, Specimen Types and Overview of Cytogenetics. Surprisingly, I didn’t fall asleep at any of the topics. Granted the CLS who was giving the main lectures was very entertaining and engaging. Amber, the head of our Cyto class, wasn’t too bad either although at times she can be dry and confusing. But she’s patient to stop and try to re-explain herself which is kind of her.

A little bummed that I wasn’t able to make it to either the 2ne1 concert or the Big Bang concert which is going on right now. Maybe next year things will turn around when I’ll have a little bit more money to indulge with. But for now, just got to keep saving and saving. Oh and start paying off my car. Speaking of which, Luna past 1000 miles the other day. Didn’t get a chance to snap a picture of it but here’s her mileage I think on Wednesday when she was almost there.