Woot Woot!!!


And just like that, another¬† chapter closes in my life. This week starts the next chapter, the journey which will bring take me to the next level of my career, a Clinical Cytogeneticist Scientist (CLS). So far, after a number of meetings on Day 1, I’ve finally been able to get back to work just like prior to July 2012. What I’m looking forward to will be the lectures. I know back at UCI, going to lectures was the worst because I would always fall asleep and find most of the professors or topics uninteresting. This time though, I’m actually getting paid to study as well as the topics are directly related to what I am and will be doing in the future. Well directly as in theoretical to what I am doing.

Days off before the program started on Oct 29, 2012, I got a few days off. What to do during those times? Play with Kari, pampering Luna, my mazda 3, cleaning up the apartment, bought a new dresser from Ikea and just relaxing before I start stressing about school again.

Oh and Kari started her intermediate class. First week was trying to teach her sit with distractions as well as starting the basics on learning how to heel.



All Cleaned Up!

At my father’s bidding, I took my car in to a professional car wash yesterday to not only get it cleaned but waxed and detailed. He was worried that the car had been on the dealer lot for about three months and there could be sun damage or other environmental factors that could affect the paint and look of the car in the next few years. And since this is my first car, I wasn’t sure how to properly wax it even though the internet has helped me plenty. Still not sure of whether to go with liquid or paste wax…

Very nice job by Ultimate Custom Car Care in Tustin. They had a really high review on yelp and I can definitely see why. All hand wash and dry with the help of air hoses and vacuums to detail it. Wax was all put on and buffed by hand (they used liquid wax). Protected the rims and even applied a chemical to make the tires look new and sleek. Took about an hour from start to finish and cost $48 flat.

So here’s Luna, all cleaned up!




40th Haunt

Came back from Knott’s Scary Farm about 6 hours ago with Jason, Kim and friends. Very tired, especially since I have work today. Went through about four mazes and got to ride Ghostrider. I was extremely surprised that it was Jason, Kim and Jess’s first time at Knott’s for about 10+ years. Will definitely have to plan a trip back!

Operation Grass: Week 1

Woot! Kari finally learned how to eliminate on the grass! Every morning, after breakfast, we go on a walk for about a mile where she’s learned to pee and defaecate on the grass (along with plenty of praise and treats). Also bought a product on Groupon called Pet-Zoom which is a portable potty system for dogs. Top tier has fake grass and the bottom is a slanted funnel where the pee drips down to. Now to start training her on how to use it so when we are at work, she’ll learn to pee on that. Progress is good!

After Nearly a Year…

It finally came! Last September/October, I applied for the CLS training license in attempts to apply for the CLS program at my job with specialization in Cytogenetics. Sadly, even though I attempted to rush my transcripts, the state of California took nearly one year to complete my application. Needless to say, I didn’t get in the 2012 school.

Couple of months ago, the 2013 school was announced. After a few frustrating emails, multiple rumors flying left and right, our privileges and tasks taken from us week by week, I received happy news last Friday on the 12th; a confirmation letter stating that my license has been improved and will be on its way shortly. Today, Monday the 15th, I received that training license!!!! All I need now is the confirmation from H.R. and my manager that I’m officially in the program! Here’s to the future!

Day 4

Day 2: Nothing significant to report. Didn’t get much success except a normal pee on the walk.

Day 3: Spent about five hours after morning walk to get her to pee or poop around complex. Routine established was go around house doing chores, cook, etc with her leashed in the kitchen. She kept whining and circling around. I finally take her out, walk around the grass for about 10-15 min. Nothing and then we go back home. Repeat. Nothing.

Day 4. Before walk even started, got her to pee almost instantly walking out of apartment on complex grass. Got her to pee again and even poop on morning walk. Got one more pee out of her before going up to see parents. Later in the day, Jess got her to pee again outside in the complex.

Slowly getting there!